Our History

club drawing

The first Curling Club facility in Lumby was a two-sheeter built and operated by volunteer effort. Mr. Alvin Dunn was the key individual in coordinating the effort in the early years of the facility, which operated from the fall of 1961 through to the spring of 1980.

The facility we are now enjoying came about through a North Okanagan Regional District referendum, which was passed by a narrow majority in 1979. We should continue to thank the Lavington area residents of that time for actually swinging the vote in favour of the project.

The Curling Club managed this facility during the early years of operation agreeing to pay an annual rental to NORD. However, after 5 years, revenue dwindled while costs increased and the club was not able to pay the full annual rental. Continued dwindling revenue caused the club to hand over the operation of the facility to NORD in about 1988. NORD continues to operate the facility with the club making a direct contribution toward the costs by way of your curling fees, bonspiel profits, ice and building rentals during the curling season. The lounge is operated by NORD and NORD rents the building out during the non-curling season for social functions and community events.

During the summer of 2000, under the guidance of Curl B.C., a business planning session was held over a three day period. NORD had a representative at this session. Curl BC provided facilitators and material for the session. The facilitators assisted in leading us through a process of soul searching. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the strengths and weaknesses of our club. We also discussed the opportunities and threats to our club's survival and looked for ways to strengthen our organizational structure.

Various goals were established around improving awareness in the community and membership of our club activities. One of the goals is to build an improved communication and working relationship with NORD. Our number one goal at this time is to build and retain club membership. During the session, we developed mission and vision statements outlining what our club is about, and where we want to be with the passage of time.

In order to meet our goals and vision of the future, we need the support of all members and the community at large in attracting and retaining member in our/your club. All assistance and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

- Cyril Hopkins