The Lumby Curling Club facilities include:

  • Four Sheet Arena
  • Dressing Rooms / Washrooms
  • Equipment Lockers and Storage
  • Fully Licensed Lounge with seating for 125 people.
  • Kitchen Facilities

The Lumby Curling Club facilities are available to the public for:

  • Receptions (Wedding, Retirement, Graduation, Funeral)
  • Business Meetings
  • Dances
  • Parties
  • Craft Sales
  • Charity Bazaars
  • Bonspiels
  • and more!

Have an event in the planning stages?
Request further information online from the Lumby Curling Club or contact Al Alexander at (250) 547-2377 or 547-6360 to book our facilities.


The Lumby Curling Club has a limited number of dates available for Summer receptions.

Celebrate with us and make your special event a memorable one!